Measurement based IBIS Modeling
The majority of IBIS models produced by Teraspeed Labs are measurement based. It alleviates the need for 3 party NDAs to get HSPICE descriptions of the I/O buffer cells of integrated circuits. If you can provide a datasheet and sample ICs we can make a model.

The modeling process is simple from a customer's point of view. After receiving a datasheet Teraspeed Labs will generate a fixed price quote. Once accepted Teraspeed Labs will design a test fixture that allows us to power up the IC and facilitate connection to our test system. We pay particular attention to the interface between the IC and our test equipment. Specially design SMA or 2.92mm launches are used to provide a clean wide bandwidth interface to the test system. Our Tektronix CSA8200 80E04/80E03 sampling system acquires the timing and transition information from the IC. A Tek DG2020 parallel word generator is used to stimulate the IC and Agilent power supplies provide power and measure the DC characteristics. The 80E04 TDR and IConnect extract the package parasitics and C_comp to complete the model.

A custom acquisition application orchestrates measurement process and converts the raw measurements to the IBIS model. All models are checked with the IBIS Golden Parser and simulated in Hyperlynx LineSim before shipment.
Measurement Services
In another Lab in our office we have a Tektronix DSA8300 with 80E04 20 GHz sampling heads with TDR and 80E01 50 GHz sampling heads. We can use those to characterize model devices in the time domain and with Tektronix's IConnect TDR based analysis software we can convert the time domain data into simulatable models. In addition IConnect and extract S-parameters from the time domain measurements.

In addition we have an Agilent N5230A 20 GHz 4 port VNA with an N4433A ECal plus a 85052B mechanical calibration kit. We use SPView III with our VNA for documentation and S-parameter processing.
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Measurement and Modeling Services