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Teraspeed Labs has been in business since 2002. Our origins are a small start-up called Zeelan Technologies. Zeelan was bought by Mentor Graphics in 1995. In 2002 the Signal Integrity modeling business of Mentor Graphics was spun out as Teraspeed Labs, part of Teraspeed Consulting Group LLC. In 2014 Teraspeed Consulting LLC was bought by xxxxec and now Teraspeed Labs is a fully independent entity.
Tom Dagostino is the owner of Teraspeed Labs. Tom's career started at Tektronix where Tom worked on the first portable DSOs Tek produced. Over the 18+ years at Tektronix Tom as awarded 10 US patents covering circuit details and product features. Position held by Tom included evaluation engineer, design engineer, project manager, program manager and market research/product planning manager. After leaving Tektronix in 1993 Tom joined Zeelan Technologies, a small start-up in Beaverton. Zeelan was bought by Mentor Graphics in 1995. Tom became the manager of the Modeling Group at Mentor managing a group in Wilsonville, a group in Singapore and finally a group in Cairo, Egypt. This group focused on IBIS and Tau models for board level Signal Integrity simulations.

Mentor decided to exit the modeling business in 2002 so Tom took the business as a new company.

As a separate company Teraspeed Labs expanded the modeling technology, wrote new acquisition and modeling software and purchased new equipment to add to the bandwidth of the measurement system. In addition Teraspeed Labs has added frequency domain measurement capability with acquisition of TDR and VNA equipment. We now make measurements out to 20 GHz in both the time and frequency domains in addition to our IBIS modeling equipment.
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